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Spring Connecting Terminal Blocks

Model No.: JST 10
Material: Durable Nylon PA66, Stainless steel, brass bar
Connection method: Spring-cage connection
Rated Voltage/Current: 800V/65A
Cross Size: 10mm²
Brand Name: WonkeDQ

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JST 10 Spring connecting Terminal blocks

Blue Spring Connecting Terminals Blocks 


The spring-cage connection terminal block reduce effort and conductor preparation time with spring mode. With the compact design and front entry way, up to 15% space saving the cabinets. The connect conductors that are vibration resistant, gas-tight and have long-term stability with the spring-loaded conductor contacting. Depending upon terminal block layout, wires can be clamped by spring force in position using screwdriver.

◆ Made from durable Nylon PA 66, Stainless steel springs and nickel plated bar.

◆ Avoid mounting and wiring errors thanks to the WonkeDQ design with flat and visible marking area. 

◆ With universal foot which can be installed on Din Rail NS 35.

◆ Save installation time with our snap on screwless ground terminal blocks,end stops, plugs and jumpers.  

Technical Parameters

Model Number

JST 10


Grey, Blue, other color can be customized

Length/Height/Wide (mm)


Connection method

Spring-cage connection


Nylon PA66

Rated Voltage/Current


Cross section, solid/soft Cable

0.5-16mm² / 0.5-10 mm² 

Conductor Size

16-6 AWG

Mounting Type

NS 35/7.5

International Standard

IEC 60947-7-1


Customized logo are supported

Packing method

23.92g/pc, 40PCS/BOX, 800PCS/CTN







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 7.gif  8.gif  9.gif  10.gifJPT2_122.jpg

How to Choose the right terminal block? Just follow the steps below:
1.Determine current, voltage,current and wire cross section to be used for the individual wire runs in the control or power distribution application.
2.Confirm any special space constraints imposed by the application
3.Considering the first two steps, select the suitable DIN Rail terminal types to satisfy the electrical and space requirements. Select block widths. Can choose double levels or multi conductors terminal blocks  if need to meet space requirements.
4.Check how many number of Poles are needed, whether any poles need to be connect by the jumper and how the jumper connections should be made.
5.Select special function block,such as ground, disconnect, fuse, LED indicating types,which are based on the exact application requirements.
6.At the end of each terminal block assembly bus, wherever a change in terminal block size on the same rail or when a side of a terminal block is not used, should be covered by end plate. Unused sides of terminal blocks must be covered and exposed.
7.Determine where isolation partitions are needed to provide visual separation in the terminal assembly. To ensure safety, isolation partitions separate blocks with different amperage ratings or voltages to prevent current or voltage jumping from one to another. Partitions also indicate to maintenance men or electricians that there may be a different voltage in each of the groupings of blocks.
8.Select the type of rail mounting. Calculate the length by plus  the individual widths of the terminal blocks, end plates, isolation partitions and end stops.
9.Mark wire terminations by using marking tags.

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