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Too Small Or Too Big For The Crimping Height
Jul 31, 2018

The height of the crimping is the transverse section height of the pressure-connecting zone of the body, which is the most important characteristic of the good press-bonding. The connector manufacturer provides a crimping height for each cable size designed for the terminal. The correct crimping height range or tolerance of a given cable may be small to 0.002 ". Under such strict specifications, the test pressure is too small (figure I) or too large (figure II) of the crimping height can not provide the required crimping strength (to the cable terminals of the retention force), will reduce the cable pulling force and rated current, under normal conditions will also cause the pressure joint in the abnormal working condition of the performance. It is very important to get a good press connection if the machine is set correctly.

The too small crimping height also presses the break core or the metal that breaks the conductor's crimping zone. Too large crimping height can not properly compress the core, causing the pressure of the area too large void void, because there is not enough metal between the wire core and the terminal metal contact. The solution to the problem is simple: adjust the height of the conductor on the crimping machine. In the first use of crimping machine work, use vernier caliper or micrometer to check the height of the crimping within the specified range, and in the course of the work should be in accordance with the frequency of the required to check to maintain the correct crimping height.

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