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Three Important Factors Affecting The Quality Of Terminal Parts
Jul 31, 2018

       In terms of hardware materials, to have the conduction current and must have flexible parts, such as the terminal block, the quality of the material directly affect the electrical performance of terminals and connectivity performance, in the electrical connection has a pivotal role, terminal design is to determine the quality of terminal blocks important factors.

  Because the conductivity of the material directly affects the temperature rise and contact resistance, the quality of elasticity and the material of the chemical elements, elastic modulus, hardness, tensile strength, the greater the conductivity of the material contact resistance on the smaller the lower temperature rise, the Plug and contact resistance into two times curve relationship. The main surface of the terminal is mainly plastic mold and metal continuous mold. The quality of mold design and manufacture has a great influence on the terminal parts. Product structure: such as screw protection, splicing products before and after the arc, long-digit deformation, such as uneven wall thickness caused by shrinkage and deformation. There are currently several types of screws to prevent the screw from being removed: three bars to prevent off, the hoop mouth to prevent off, the neck to prevent off, stamping off, due to the impact of the technical process of the current cervical mouth is not used, and most of the use of the neck to prevent, splicing product combination growth of the number of deformation problems.

  The main reason is also due to the unreasonable structure of the two mosaic Falcon in the top and bottom around the force imbalance, shown in the structural design to consider its mosaic Falcon's stress and deformation direction. The CTI parameters must meet the requirements in design, which will directly affect whether the final product can pass the test such as impulse withstand voltage and anti-aging test.

  In accordance with the provisions of the UL, you can use no more than 25% of the return material and 75% of the new material mix thoroughly after mixing, especially for some withstand high current and high voltage products, the use of the material should be lower or not fill. In electroplating, electroplating coating layer also directly affect the life of the main factors of terminal. In the case of gold and silver plating, silver conductivity is higher than gold, but its chemical stability is not gold, the resulting film resistance is much greater than gold. But the high cost of gold-plated, only recommend the use of acidic environment or worse application environment to make electricity gold-plated, but also to the contact parts of the tablet using local gold plating, so that both improve the use of performance, product costs are greatly reduced.

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