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The Connection Contact Seal Of The Terminal Block Of The Steam Inner-assembly Line Is Very Important
Jul 31, 2018

        Most commercial electronic components fail when the most people feel frustrated, but if the key parts of the car connection problems, it will cause fire alarm, brake or airbag failure, leading to serious consequences. As a result, carmakers are becoming more demanding on their supply bases, a well-known thing for auto parts suppliers. For terminal suppliers, this means more stringent performance, stability, and cost requirements for the product.

        Only by constantly innovating products and processes to meet the needs of customers can the suppliers be in a dominant position. A typical light vehicle has about 1500 connection points, of which 50% to 60% are used for key distribution functions. Automotive terminals are used in increasingly harsh environments, including temperature (low to zero 40°c, up to zero 155°c), vibration, oxidation and friction corrosion, and we are beginning to recognize the importance of design research. Corrosive gas, high humidity and strong oscillation are the three conditions which cause oxidation and friction corrosion, and lead to the failure of Terminal station.

        These environmental factors will have a great effect on the contact surface of tin and PB-Sn, which is the case with 90% of the terminal surface. Connection between cable and terminal blocks is one of the main causes of the warranty and terminal system failure. For automotive wiring systems, crimping is a very common method for connecting terminal units to cables. This process has been proved to be reliable. Compared with the welding method, it is more economical and easy to operate in improving the reliability of crimping.

        To improve the geometrical shape of the terminal Chuck, the terminal manufacturer put a lot of effort into it. Improper insertion of terminal blocks may cause terminal failures when assembling a factory to an assembly line of an automobile. To overcome this problem, the design engineer developed a variety of connector locking devices, one of which is the spring (Spring-lock) developed by FCI. When the two halves of the terminals are plugged together, the spring device is compressed.

        If properly plugged in, the terminal Spring lock will play a role in bringing together two connectors. It is important to seal the electrical contacts of the terminals when applied to the outside of the car and under the hood of the engine. For terminal manufacturers, the provision of low-cost, high stability, easy to assemble the submersible terminal solutions is a very challenging thing. In high-density or multiple pin systems, the use of gasket seals or porous seals is a standard practice.

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