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The Best Din Rail Terminal Block
Nov 03, 2018

The terminal blocks are made of copper or aluminum strips that allow them to be connected to a wide range of electronic components and are ideal for securing or terminating conductors. They are used for wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connections without the need for a plug. We offer many types of terminals, including Din rail Terminal Block, Fast Push wire connector and Ferrule terminals , din rail powder supply terminal blocks etc.


The Din rail  Screw Terminal Block JUK and JSAK series,It is a general terminal block, widely used in distribution panel and other common wire connection.


The Din rail spring terminal block JST series , The Spring clamp terminal blocks offer a time saving,suitable for vibration environment such as elevator,Transportation Because of their Good shock resistance.


The din rail push in terminal block is an upgraded version of the JST series, they connect wires more convenient than JST series, can reduce 50% insertion force up.

it can push in and release wire without special tools.


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