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The Application For Terminal Block
Oct 19, 2018

The application for terminal block

Terminals are common components for connecting electrical circuits. Terminals occupy an important position in the operation of the machine. Terminals are widely used in computers, telecommunications, network communications, industrial electronics, instrumentation, transportation, building renovation, aerospace , medical equipment and automotive industry and other fields.


Nowadays, human life, work and entertainment rely entirely on electricity, such as mobile computers, household appliances, etc., as well as important lighting systems, transportation and railway transportation systems, instrumentation and operation, etc., and their common feature is the use of electricity.

The most important thing is They all have complex electrical connections and are equipped with a variety of wires.

For example, terminals are often used in power distribution cabinets, there are many complex wires need to be connected, and wiring terminals are needed at this time in order to connect the wires together better and faster without having to solder them.

In addition, the USB interface of the charging data line is also a kind of terminal, so that the application range of the terminal has already reached the point where life can be seen everywhere.

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