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Loose Core After Riveting Pressure
Jul 31, 2018

Loose cores (figure V) are another common cause of crimping problems. If all the cores are not completely closed to the conductor crimping zone, the strength and current load capacity of the crimping parts will be greatly reduced. For good crimping, you must meet the connector manufacturer's specified crimping height. 

If not all the cores on the crimping height and the strength of the crimping, then the performance of the crimping will not meet the requirements. Generally speaking, the problem of loose core is easy to solve, just fold the cable into a bundle, and then insert into the terminal of the crimping. 

Stripping the insulating layer from the cable is a separate operation and may inadvertently separate the cores during processing or cluster. Using stripping and maintaining the process to remove the insulating layer, so that the insulation sleeve is not completely removed from the cable, until ready to use the terminal crimping Line cable, help minimize the problem of loose core.

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