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Excessive Penetration Of Wire And Cable
Jul 31, 2018

Another pressing problem associated with a too short strip length is the case where the cable insertion zone is too deep. As shown in Fig. Seven, the insulating layer is inserted deeply into the insulating crimping zone and the conductor extends to the transition zone. In practical applications, this may cause three failure modes. Two of them are due to the reduction of contact between metals in the conductor crimping area, which makes the rated current and cable pulling force lower.

The metal's contact with the plastic is not firmly in contact with the metal, and it does not conduct electricity. 

The third type of failure mode may occur when the connector is joined.

If the cable reaches too deep in the transition area, the tip of the pin terminal collides with the line cable, which may prevent the connector from being fully seated, or may cause the pins or jack terminals to bend. 

In extreme cases, even if the terminal is fully seated inside the casing, it will be released to the back of the casing. To solve this problem, make sure that no excessive force is used to insert the cable into the crimping machine so that it crosses the cable stop of the crimping machine, or adjust the position of the cable stop so that it is positioned correctly to locate the skinned cable.

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