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Din Rail Terminal Block And Accessary
Nov 15, 2018

The most important feature of the Rail-type terminal block is it can be freely equipped with the required terminals.

It is equipped with complete accessories for some complex circuits. It is widely used in power electronics, electrical control and power supply, transportation and other fields.

Typical characteristics

1. The terminal can be mounted on the U-shaped and G-shaped guide rails;

2. Fully equipped accessories, such as: gear position, group partition

3. A grounding terminal with a uniform appearance;

4. It can solve special terminals such as double layer wiring, potential distribution, current loop test.

5. The length of the guide rail can be determined as needed


There are Din Rail Screw terminal Block, Spring Terminal Block and Push in terminal block In our company, Their common feature is that they can be installed on the Din Rail and have various accessaries such as end cover, fixed and insertion bridge, End Stop etc.

The end cover is used in cover bare metal part, protect touch the metal to Electric shock

The Fixed Bridge is used in Potential connection, Achieve adjacent potential or cross-regional connections.

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