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Clamping Connection In Terminal Blocks
Dec 21, 2018

 Clamping Connection In Terminal Blocks

Screw terminal: Screw clamp terminals are the most common type of connection method. The wire or conductor is simply pressed against the conductor strip in the block by tightening the screw. Screw terminals accommodate a very wide range of wire or conductor sizes.

Spring clamp: These type of terminals use spring pressure to retain the wire clamped.  Spring Terminal Block can withstand severe vibrations and are of Reliable connectivity. It is widely used in the line of Rail trafficWind power plants or mechanical engineering industry.

Push-in terminal blocks: Push-in terminals allow you to connect a wire simply by inserting it. Most push-in terminals require the use of a ferrule. A ferrule strengthens the end of the wire/conductor. However, some push-in terminal blocks allow to insert a solid conductor directly or a stranded conductor by inserting a screwdriver into the release hole.

It Is an upgraded version of the spring terminal


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