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5.Terminal Block Material Introduction
Nov 05, 2018

The Terminal block is divided into two parts, a metal part and an insulative housing.

For metal parts, copper has good metal processing properties and high corrosion resistance; copper has excellent electrical conductivity, second only to silver. Therefore, copper is particularly suitable for forming electrical and mechanical connection components, such as combination terminals.

Copper is classified into copper, brass and phosphor bronze depending on the concentration. The purity of copper is higher than that of brass, and the lowest value of phosphor bronze is copper alloy.

The material of the screws and clamping parts is usually a copper alloy or steel with a rust-proof material on the surface. The key is to have corrosion resistance and sufficient mechanical strength. Nickel plating is required on the surface of the steel, which can play an Antiseptic effect role.


For Housing materia most of the insulating housing is made of plastic such as PA66, PC, PP. Regardless of the material, the outer casing is required to achieve the corresponding flame retardant grade, heat resistance, environmental performance, insulation properties and mechanical strength. The more common material is PA66, which has a compressive strength of up to 600 kV / cm. It can work continuously at 100 °C, can withstand 200 °C in a short time, and has a melting point of 250 °C. Low temperature to - 40 °C


Wonke terminals are made of carefully selected materials, insulation, clamping and conductive metal, and are subject to strict quality control in accordance with the most stringent international standards.


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