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PCB terminal blocks can not be recycled and the complexity of setup
Jul 31, 2018

     PCB terminals almost we can see the electronic equipment are inseparable from it, small to electronic watches, calculators, general-purpose computers, large to computers, communication and electronic equipment, military weapon systems, as long as there are integrated circuits and other electronic components, electrical interconnection between them to use the PCB. In addition to fixing a variety of small parts, it provides integrated circuits and other electronic components fixed assembly mechanical support, the realization of integrated circuits and other electronic components between the wiring and electrical connections or electrical insulation, provide the required electrical characteristics, such as characteristic impedance. PCB terminal blocks for automatic solder welding to provide welding graphics, for the components of the plug-in, inspection, maintenance to provide identification characters and graphics.

    With the increasingly complex electronic equipment, the need for more and more parts, PCB overhead lines and parts are more and more intensive. PCB wiring terminal production process is more complex, it involves a wide range of technology, from simple mechanical processing to complex mechanical processing, there are ordinary chemical reactions, such as photochemical electrochemistry and other processes, CAD cam and other aspects of knowledge. And in the production process a lot of technical problems and will always meet new problems and part of the problem in the absence of the cause of the problem disappeared, PCB terminals because of its production process is a discontinuous pipeline form, any one link problems will result in a full line of production or a large number of scrap consequences.

    Printed circuit boards If the scrap is not recyclable, the process engineer work pressure, so many engineers left the industry to transfer to the printed circuit board equipment or materials manufacturers to do sales and technical services work. Fiberglass cloth is one of the raw materials of CCL, made of fiberglass yarn textile, about 40% of CCL cost (thick plate) and 25% (sheet). Glass fiber yarn from silica sand and other raw materials in the kiln calcined into a liquid, through the very small alloy nozzle to pull into a very fine glass fiber, and then hundreds of glass fiber twisted into fiberglass yarn. Kiln construction investment is huge, generally need billions of funds, and once the ignition must be 24 hours uninterrupted production, PCB terminals into the exit cost is huge.

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