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Large current terminal terminal description and good resistance is stronger
Jul 31, 2018

     The large current terminal is composed of an insulating base, an insulating partition, a wire, and an insulating base, the connecting piece is arranged on the insulating base and placed in the insulating clapboard, the wiring includes the wire clamp, the screw, the nut and the support frame, the supporting frame is U-shaped, the wire clamp is placed in the supporting frame, the nut and the screw hold the wire clamp along the long hole of the U-shaped end , the conductor clamp is composed of a top conductor clamp and a conductive plate, and a multiple row convex blocks are raised on both sides of the upper conductor clamp surface. 

     The convex block has one to two bumps, its characteristic is the conductive piece upper surface both sides raised many row convex block, the big current terminal convex block and the upper surface central part arc, the circular surface has one to two protruding bars, the convex block and the convex block form the sawtooth shape, The upper surface of the conductive plate is a convex platform, the center of the platform with threaded holes and insulation base by the bolt connected, the conductive sheet under the surface of each of the projection of a positioning circular block and U-shaped support frame connected to the large current terminal two wire clips on both sides of the conductive platform and with the conductive plate folder together.

    The upper conductor clamp and the conductive piece bump (stagger each other bite to hold the conductor.) The large current terminal is composed of an insulating block, a U-shaped frame, nuts, hexagon screws and upper and lower living blocks, the upper and lower live block between the contact surface with a connection hole, hexagon screws through the nut top in the live block, the purpose is to the different thickness of the cable directly connected to the large current terminals. Compared with the existing technology, it can flexibly combine the number of terminal units, can be pressed single or multiple cables, and reliable connection, installation and maintenance of simple and convenient advantages. 

     Large current terminal: The PA66 material does not contain halogen, large current terminals will not produce the gasification of corrosive acid rain when burning, in addition PA66 has excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions, large current terminals will not provide oxygen and other biological elements of microorganisms, so that the insulation made of it will not be caused by termites , large current terminal terminal anaerobic bacteria, fungi, the existence of reducing its performance. PA66 for most oils and fats, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride and other commonly used detergents have excellent resistance.

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