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Innovation improvement and standardization are important factors of large current terminals
Jul 31, 2018

       Innovation improvement and standardization are large current terminal terminals manufacturers to improve the management level of the two big wheels. To improve innovation is to make large current terminal block manufacturer management level of the driving force, and standardization is to prevent the large current terminal terminal manufacturers management level decline in the braking force.

  No standardization, large current terminal terminals manufacturers can not maintain a high level of management. In the large current terminal factory, the so-called "manufacturing" is to set the cost, the prescribed hours, the production of uniform quality, consistent with the specifications of the products. In order to achieve the above objective, if the work of the manufacturing site, such as the sequence of changes at random, or the operation method or operating conditions vary with the person, it will not be able to produce products in line with the above purpose.

  Therefore, the operation process, operating methods, operating conditions must be stipulated and implemented, so that standardization. The so-called standardization, is the large current terminal terminal manufacturers have a variety of norms, such as: procedures, regulations, rules, standards, essentials and so on, these norms to form the text of things collectively referred to as the standard (or standard book).  

   Standard-setting, followed by standard action, is called standardization. The function of standardization is mainly to keep the technology and experience accumulated by the members of large current terminal terminals, and to save them by means of documents, and not because of the flow of personnel, the whole technology and experience are lost.

  Reach the individual know how much, the organization will know how much, that is, the personal experience (wealth) into the large current terminal terminals manufacturers of wealth, but also because of standardization, each work even if different people to operate, and not because of different people, in efficiency and quality of too much difference. The standard must be realistic and operational. The standard operability is very important. We can see the operating procedures, equipment maintenance and other standards on the wall of many large current terminal terminals manufacturers, we compare the following two tables, feel what is operable.

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