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Effect and effect of large current terminal terminals
Jul 31, 2018

     Large current Terminal: the use of PA66 materials does not contain halogen, combustion will not cause corrosive acid rain of the gasification, in addition PA66 has excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions, and will not provide oxygen and other biological elements of microorganisms, so that the insulation made of it will not be caused by termites, anaerobic bacteria, The presence of fungi lowers its performance. PA66 for most oils and fats, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride and other commonly used detergents have excellent resistance. As the mechanical strength requirements of each metal part of the screw terminals are different, their alloys are also different, the screws are made of high strength copper alloy, the conductive body is made of electrolytic copper, and the pressure box is made of copper alloy which is corroded by stress crack, the surface of these metal parts is also tin or nickel plated to protect. All copper terminals can avoid the battery effect of steel metal parts and copper conductors in wet conditions.

    It can avoid the electric corrosion and its consequence-unreliable electrical connection and the appearance of screw rust death phenomenon. Large current terminal rail-mounted terminals: the use of reliable threaded connection technology, electronic capacity-breaking technology and the latest electrical connection technology, widely used in power electronics, communications, electrical control and power supply and other fields. Rail-type series of terminals using the pressure line and unique thread self-locking design, making wiring connection reliable and safe. This series of terminal blocks have beautiful design, can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as short circuit, logo, baffle and so on. The difference between terminals: large current terminals and voltage terminals are; voltage terminals and current terminal shape is no different, large current terminals only wiring should pay attention to see this table wiring diagram (general table cover will have) the main difference between the two terminals is voltage terminals are also called ordinary terminals can not normally disconnect itself.

    Only by connecting terminals to disconnect, large current terminals can be disconnected from their own test with the maximum current is not affected by the equipment in a safe state, can withstand a limit of the current, generally only allow a short time to appear, otherwise it will cause equipment damage. Large current terminal is a connection for the convenience of wire products, that is, a piece of metal in the insulating plastic inside the two ends of the hole, we can insert the wire, such as two wire, sometimes need to connect, and sometimes need to disconnect. At this time there are matching screws for fastening or loosening, so you can use terminals to connect two wires, large current terminals and can be disconnected at any time, without having them welded or wrapped together, that is convenient and fast. When we need a lot of wire interconnection, we can use the UK terminals. In the power industry has a special terminal platoon, Terminal box, above all are terminal blocks, Single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, ordinary, can be broken and so on.

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