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E-commerce becomes the main trend of the development of the extremely thin terminal terminals
Jul 31, 2018

     With the mobile phone-led mobile products to the miniaturization, thin and high-performance direction of development, display components and substrate connections more complex.

    In this context, the base plate on the base plate terminals, the PCB terminals of the narrow spacing, low back, multipolar demand is more urgent, especially the mobile phone's extremely thin demand for the internal wiring terminals of the ultra low back requirements more urgent.

    In the field of high-end connectors, computer and peripheral equipment occupy the largest market share, automotive, medical equipment terminals market also occupy a higher share in China, the automotive terminal block market share of about 20%, and the rapid popularization of 3G mobile phones so that high-end terminal terminal demand for rapid growth. The development of terminal terminal industry is now further into the network era, but the network is a complex "Grand Bazaar", the network engaged in the procurement of terminal terminals will have a common professional characteristics-"irritability", which is due to the popularity of the network inevitable results.

    In the future, terminal agents can really master the network terminals customers, will be able to break into the network era of terminal terminals to compete for an opportunity. At present, in the connector industry, especially the rapid development of network marketing era, e-commerce a certain degree of business has become the terminal block industry development of the main trend, but wiring terminals online transactions further development. With the arrival of the terminal market development, the 2013 China Terminal Market has presented new features, terminal block industry development further white-hot, terminal manufacturers of the competition gradually evolved for terminal terminal Agents competition.

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