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Cabinet Dust Panel Filters

Part No.: 3322-300
Material: Engineer ABS
Usage: Can clip into the cabinet easily.
Surface dimension: 148.5x148.5mm
Brand Name: WonkeDQ

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3322-300 Cabinet Dust Panel Filters

Cabinet Dust Proof Air Fan Filter

Fan filter for enclosure cabinet. 

WonkeDQ CONTACT has air filters for industrial and consumer applications to clear the air. Install a durable air filter making the unit wokring.We has air filters that help you keep the enclosure air clean, improving the mechanical life.

◆ The Fan filter frame material is made from engineer  ABS.

◆ Filter pad is made from non-woven fiber, replacing the filters can be made during operation without any risk of touching the rotating parts.

◆ Filter fans and grilles work together to displace hot air inside the enclosure with cooler air from the outside. 

◆ The incoming air is filtered to protect components inside the enclosure.

◆ Can clip into the cabinet easily into enclosure wall

◆ OEM is supporting. 

Technical parameters:


Other size available:



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